[Wine] Re: Problems running application fixme:odic:SQLConfigDataSource

lahmbi5678 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Feb 10 07:12:06 CST 2012

There's some advice on the wiki page about how to configure DSNs. Unfortunately I can't help you in that regard. As I said before, if it still doesn't work, please file a bug with a small demo, if possible. Similar topics were discussed before on that list, I told people to file bugs, but afaict no one did, probably people were thinking it would be too much work, and the prospect of waiting weeks or months until the issue gets fixed disappointed them. I understand that it isn't that easy, because you need a (publicly accessable) server or maybe some MS ACCESS file do demonstrate the issue. But if noone files a bug, the issue will never be solved.

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