Update on WRS offer & Stuttgart University

Jeremy White jwhite at codeweavers.com
Thu Dec 16 10:09:20 CST 2004

Hmm.  He may be avoiding you; I could swear I saw a post from him
on a forum fairly recently (but now I can't find that to prove my point).

In any event, the offer from WRS is very generous.  I do have to admit
I am little nervous by the phrase
   "WRS can pay the rent for the conference venue if we can become a co-organizer of WINEConf"
That seems like a very generous offer, and I'm not sure I understand
what WRS wants in return.  What does being a 'co-organizer' mean to WRS?

> · Local/regional and German wide press work to jointly market the conference

   I know I'm being a stick in the mud on this - but do we really want this?
Don't we primarily want to advertise this on the Wine mailing lists and
the Wine web pages?

   Candidly, I think Wine is a very interesting topic; I suspect we could raise
a few hundred people to come to a Wine conference if we wanted to.  I was just
operating under the assumption that we did not want a Wine *users* conference,
but strictly a Wine developers conference.

   Please correct me if I'm wrong; mine is only one voice.

> · Suggestions for social program & infrastructure for attendees (in part by 
> our sister organization Regio Stuttgart Marketing)

   Great!  To me this is the key <grin>.  I suspect relatively
smoke and noise free areas with good access to beer are going to serve
us the best.

> · Assistance in targeting potential local sponsors of the event  

Sure!  Although do you really think we'd get any?

> · Help to recruit local helpers from the 10 Linux user groups in the region

    Great; I think the volunteer help would be deeply appreciated.  There are a
variety of misc tasks that will need to get done.  Someone to set up networking and to make sure
it works.  Someone to put out name tags.  Someone to make sure that food orders
will arrive on time.  Someone to run to the store to get duct tape for the
frobnozzle.  At last Wineconf, we had 3 or 4 CodeWeavers employees running about
doing that; if we hire out the venue, though, we could probably just have 1 or 2
gaffers helping us out, though.

Finally, as far as location, I'd like to rely on the native Germans on this
list to comment on the suitability of the choices David has suggested.



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