Local organisation - ideas/requirements/volunteers needed

Uwe Bonnes bon at elektron.ikp.physik.tu-darmstadt.de
Wed Apr 6 03:07:12 CDT 2005

>>>>> "Ulrich" == Ulrich Gemkow <gemkow at ikr.uni-stuttgart.de> writes:

    Ulrich> Hello, we are starting the local organisation of wineconf in
    Ulrich> Stuttgart now and I propose to form a (small) local organisation
    Ulrich> group consisting of people with a good feeling for the
    Ulrich> requirements of the conference.

    Ulrich> It would be very helpful if especially some people from the
    Ulrich> region of Stuttgart would join this group and contribute their
    Ulrich> ideas. Questions are i.e.

    Ulrich> - suitability of the rooms reserved (there are some
    Ulrich> alternatives) - which kind of food is wanted - other support
    Ulrich> (technical and non-technical) - (other questions/ideas you may
    Ulrich> have)

    Ulrich> Would people from this list who are willing to join this group
    Ulrich> please send me a private E-Mail?

    Ulrich> I propose that members of the group living nearby Stuttgart will
    Ulrich> meet at the university to check the environment and will send an
    Ulrich> invitation for such a meeting.

Hallo  Ulrich,

ich werde wohl am Freitagmorgen mit dem Auto kommen. Zu einem Vortreffen in
Stuttgart werde ich nicht kommen, aber sonst kann ich evt. aushelfen.

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