4.5. Adding New Languages

This section documents the procedure for adding a new language to the list of languages that Wine can display system menus and forms in. Adding new translations is not hard as it requires no programming knowledge or special skills.

First add the language ID (most often like xx, e.g. fr for French, or xx_YY for country-specific variations, e.g. pt_BR for Brazilian Portuguese ; look in tools/wmc/po.c for a list) in the LINGUAS section of, and in po/LINGUAS.

Language dependent resources reside in .po files in the po/ directory. Simply create the language-specific .po file using the wine.pot template:

cp po/wine.pot po/xx.po
and start translating (note the file must use UTF-8 encoding).

When adding a new language, also make sure the parameters defined in dlls/kernel32/nls/*.nls fit your local habits and language.