Chapter 4. Coding Practice

This chapter describes the relevant coding practices in Wine, that you should be aware of before doing any serious development in Wine.

4.1. Patch Format

Patches are submitted via email to the Wine patches mailing list, . Your patch should include:

  • A meaningful subject (very short description of patch)

  • A long (paragraph) description of what was wrong and what is now better (recommended).

  • A change log entry (short description of what was changed).

  • The patch in "Git" format

To generate a patch using Git, first commit it to your local tree.

If you are adding a file, use git add. Commit the change using git commit. The commit message will be sent with your patch, and recorded in the commit log.

After committing the patch, you can extract it using git format-patch and send it to wine-patches using git imap-send or simply attaching it to your mail manually.