1.6. WineDbg Expressions and Variables

1.6.1. Expressions

Expressions in Wine Debugger are mostly written in a C form. However, there are a few discrepancies:

  • Identifiers can take a '!' in their names. This allow mainly to access symbols from different DLLs like USER32!CreateWindowExA.

  • In cast operation, when specifying a structure or an union, you must use the struct or union keyword (even if your program uses a typedef).

When specifying an identifier by its name, if several symbols with the same name exist, the debugger will prompt for the symbol you want to use. Pick up the one you want from its number.

In lots of cases, you can also use regular expressions for looking for a symbol.

winedbg defines its own set of variables. The configuration variables from above are part of them. Some others include:


ID of the W-thread currently examined by the debugger


ID of the W-thread currently examined by the debugger


All CPU registers are also available, using '$' as a prefix. You can use info regs to get a list of available CPU registers.

The $ThreadId and $ProcessId variables can be handy to set conditional breakpoints on a given thread or process.