Chapter 11. Wine and OpenGL

11.1. What is needed to have OpenGL support in Wine

Basically, if you have a Linux OpenGL ABI compliant libGL ( installed on your computer, you should have everything that is needed.

To be more clear, I will detail one step after another what the configure script checks.

If, after Wine compiles, OpenGL support is not compiled in, you can always check config.log to see which of the following points failed.

11.1.1. Header files

The needed header files to build OpenGL support in Wine are:


the definition of all OpenGL core functions, types and enumerants


how OpenGL integrates in the X Window environment


the list of all registered OpenGL extensions

The latter file (glext.h) is, as of now, not necessary to build Wine. But as this file can be easily obtained from SGI (, and that all OpenGL should provide one, I decided to keep it here.

11.1.2. OpenGL library itself

To check for the presence of libGL on the system, the script checks if it defines the glXCreateContext function.

11.1.3. glXGetProcAddressARB function

The core of Wine OpenGL implementation (at least for all extensions) is the glXGetProcAddressARB function. Your OpenGL library needs to have this function defined for Wine to be able to support OpenGL.