5.5. Installing

So how do you install the proxy and ensure that everything connects up correctly? You have quite a bit of flexibility in this area so what follows are not the only options available.

Ensure that the actual Linux Shared Object is placed somewhere where the Linux system will be able to find it. Typically this means it should be in one of the directories mentioned in the /etc/ file or somewhere in the path specified by LD_LIBRARY_PATH. If you can link to it from a Linux program it should be OK.

Put the proxy shared object ( in the same place as the rest of the built-in DLLs. Alternatively ensure that WINEDLLPATH includes the directory containing the proxy shared object.

If you have both a Windows DLL and a Linux DLL/proxy pair then you will have to ensure that the correct one gets called. The easiest way is probably simply to rename the windows version so that it doesn't get detected. Alternatively you could set a DLL override with winecfg, so that the built-in version is used.

Once you have done this you should be using the Linux Shared Object successfully. If you have problems then set the WINEDEBUG=+module environment variable before running wine to see what is actually happening.