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                              Wine Weekly News
   All the News that Fits, we print.
   Events, progress, and happenings in the Wine community for February
   05, 2001 .
Keeping track of Wine
   Since Alexandre Julliard has been away most of the week for LinuxExpo
   in Paris, very few patches have been commmited:
Discussions on wine-devel
   This week, 70 posts consumed 277 K. There were 28 different
       contributors, 16 (57%) posted more than once, and 10 (35%) posted
       last week too.
       The top posters of the week were:
     * 11 posts in 45 K by Ian Pilcher <pilcher at>
     * 9 posts in 70 K by Ulrich Weigand
       <weigand at>
     * 6 posts in 24 K by Huw D M Davies <h.davies1 at>
     * 5 posts in 18 K by Eric Pouech <Eric.Pouech at>
     * 3 posts in 6 K by gerard patel <gerard.patel at>
     * 3 posts in 10 K by Jon Griffiths <tntjpgriff at>
     * 3 posts in 10 K by Gavriel State <gav at>
   Delphi and Kylix Announce
   Marcus Meissner posted some report about a Borland announcement (
   [1], even quoting some parts:
   Borland will unveil its Delphi programming kit for Linux, called
       Kylix. The product is designed to let people write software that
       works with Linux and Windows, sources said. The software has been
       developed with help from CodeWeavers, a group working to
       commercialize the Wine software for running Windows software on
       Linux machines.
   From various reports, it seems that Wine is used for porting the IDE
   to Linux, however, the compilation toolchain seems to be a raw port to
   DirectDraw & TransGaming Announce
   Gavriel State announced a new version of the TransGaming D3D patch
   ( for more details):
   Just wanted to mention that a new TransGaming patch is available from
       our web-site now. This patch is mostly just to bring our AFPLed
       D3D work into sync with the DirectX changes that we've contributed
       to WineHQ CVS lately. There's not much new on the D3D side, though
       we're working hard with some hardware and sofware vendors to
       improve performance there, which you'll see in upcoming releases.
       The nicest thing about the latest release is that we've
       incorporated Andreas Mohr's SetWindowLong patch, which along with
       the work he did on CreateProcess now allows InstallShield
       installers to work properly.
       The other big news item is that with our recent DirectInput work,
       and a minor tweak to Wine's OpenGL thunking layer, American
       McGee's Alice demo now works perfectly. The full version won't
       work, due to SafeDisk copy protection, but we're starting to talk
       to engineers at Macrovision to help us resolve that issue.
        Credits: [2]Doug Ridgway, [3]Eric Pouech, and [4]Ove K?ven.


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