Wine release 0.9.36

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Fri Apr 27 10:08:37 CDT 2007

This is release 0.9.36 of Wine, a free implementation of Windows on Unix.

What's new in this release:
  - Midi support in the CoreAudio driver.
  - Mixer support in the Alsa driver.
  - A lot of MSI fixes.
  - Implementation for most D3DRM functions.
  - The usual assortment of Direct3D fixes.
  - Lots of bug fixes.

Because of lags created by using mirrors, this message may reach you
before the release is available at the public sites. The sources will
be available from the following locations:

Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:

You will find documentation on

You can also get the current source directly from the git or CVS
repositories. Check respectively or for details.

If you fix something, please submit a patch; instructions on how to do
this can be found at

Wine is available thanks to the work of many people. See the file
AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.


Changes since 0.9.35:

Alasdair Sinclair (1):
      advapi32: Fix one byte array overflow during DES unhash.

Alban Browaeys (2):
      msi: Move msi_free(msiFilePath) to enable ERR message to use it before it is freed.
      wininet: Fix szCacheContent in URLCacheContainer_OpenIndex.

Alexandre Julliard (19):
      kernel32: Use the correct access rights when opening named pipes.
      server: Add infrastructure for ioctl server request.
      server: Implement the FSCTL_PIPE_DISCONNECT ioctl on the server side.
      server: Move the server part of device unmounting to the ioctl processing.
      server: Change the timeout handling to use NT-style 64-bit timeouts everywhere.
      server: Add a specific data type for ioctl codes so they can be printed as symbols.
      server: Move the FSCTL_PIPE_WAIT ioctl implementation to the server.
      server: Allow specifying the status code to return on file descriptors that don't have a Unix fd.
      server: Moved the FSCTL_PIPE_LISTEN implementation to the server.
      server: Use the standard file descriptor wait queue for named pipe server async waits.
      server: Don't give out read/write access to the named pipe device.
      dbghelp: Don't print garbage chars in ERR message.
      version: Avoid size_t type in traces.
      server: Return a more correct fd type for anonymous files.
      configure: Use AC_SEARCH_LIBS for the Solaris libs to avoid unused function checks.
      winedbg: Properly handle EOF on input.
      cabinet: Make sure we don't try to close an invalid file handle.
      make_makefiles: Avoid duplicate .gitignore entries.
      winecoreaudio: Avoid sizeof in trace.

Alexey Markachev (1):
      ntdll: Fix mistake in Novosibirsk time zone.

Andrew Riedi (1):
      winex11.drv: Add legacy 32-bit cursor support.

Andrew Talbot (27):
      crypt32: Constify some variables.
      crypt32: Constify some variables.
      user32: Make function definitions and declarations agree.
      slwapi: Make function definitions and declarations agree.
      slwapi: Make function definitions and declarations agree.
      dbghelp: Constify some variables.
      uxtheme: Fix conflicting declarations.
      dbghelp: Constify some variables.
      dbghelp: Constify some variables.
      ddraw: Constify some variables.
      activeds: Exclude unused headers.
      acledit: Exclude unused headers.
      advpack: Exclude unused headers.
      avicap32: Exclude unused header.
      avifil32: Exclude unused headers.
      amstream: Exclude unused headers.
      dinput: Constify some variables.
      dmcompos: Constify a variable.
      dmusic: Constify a variable.
      dmscript: Constify a variable.
      dmloader: Constify some variables.
      dmime: Constify some variables.
      dmstyle: Constify some variables.
      dmband: Constify some variables.
      dnsapi: Constify some variables.
      dplayx: Fix a typo.
      dplayx: Constify some variables.

Aric Stewart (4):
      taskmgr: Add Japanese resource.
      shell32: SHGFI_EXETYPE flag should have the files returning 0 if they are DLL images.
      gdi32: Make the comparison for system link font replacement not case sensitive.
      usp10: Do not crash in ScriptPlace if pABC is null.

Ben Taylor (2):
      configure: Fix to properly recognize functions on Solaris.
      wineoss: Fix to compile on Solaris 10.

Bernd Buschinski (1):
      wined3d: Fix drawStridedSlow typo.

Chia-I Wu (1):
      kernel32: Fix non-terminated separator string.

Chris Robinson (2):
      quartz: Create DirectSound device and buffer at filter creation and connection respectively.
      quartz: Partially implement the MPEG 1 Stream Splitter filter.

Clinton Stimpson (1):
      riched20: Set modify state when removing text.

Damjan Jovanovic (1):
      mapi32: MAPIAdminProfiles stub.

Dan Hipschman (4):
      widl: Add --prefix-* options (take 3).
      rpcrt4: Add tests for RPC and widl generated code.
      widl: Declare fixed-size array args as pointers to arrays.
      rpcrt4: Add a testcase for RPCs with fixed-size arrays.

David Adam (15):
      include: Add d3drmdef.h header.
      d3drm: Implement D3DRMVectorAdd.
      d3drm: Implement D3DVectorSubtract.
      d3drm: Implement D3DRMVectorCrossProduct.
      d3drm: Implement D3DRMVectorDotProduct.
      d3drm: Implement D3DRMVectorModulus.
      d3drm: Implement D3DRMVectorscale.
      d3drm: Implement D3DRMVectorNormalize.
      d3drm: Implement D3DRMVectorRandom.
      d3drm: Implement D3DRMVectorReflect.
      d3drm: Implement D3DRMQuaternionMultiply.
      d3drm: Implement D3DRMVectorRotate.
      d3drm: Implement D3DRMMatrixFromQuaternion.
      d3drm: Implement D3DRMQuaternionFromRotation.
      d3drm: Implement D3DRMQuaternionSlerp.

Detlef Riekenberg (9):
      include/winspool: Declare missing function.
      spoolss: Build the import library.
      localspl: Implement XcvData_AddPort.
      localui: Implement DeletePortUI.
      localspl: DeletePort is now in localui.dll.
      localui: Implement ConfigurePortUI.
      localspl: ConfigurePort is now in localui.dll.
      localui: Avoid crash on NULL pointer.
      localui: Implement ConfigurePortUI for COMx.

Dmitry Timoshkov (7):
      version: Add a VerQueryValue test, make it mostly pass under Wine.
      advapi32: Thunk GetFileSecurityW to NtQuerySecurityObject.
      comctl32: Fix an off by one error in ImageList_Remove.
      comctl32: Use packing only for public ILHEAD structure, 2 bytes packing is enough.
      comctl32: Add an image list storage test, make it pass under Wine.
      comctl32: Add more image list tests, fix one problem found.
      user32: Windows doesn't redraw a window if it is being just moved.

EA Durbin (1):
      sxs: Add new dll stub.

Emmanuel Maillard (17):
      winecoreaudio: Initial MIDI support on Mac OS X.
      winecoreaudio: Implement MIDI_NotifyClient, MIDIOut_Open and MIDIOut_Close.
      winecoreaudio: Implement MIDIOut_GetDevCaps and MIDIOut_GetNumDevs.
      winecoreaudio: Implement MIDIOut_Prepare and MIDIOut_Unprepare.
      winecoreaudio: Implement MIDIOut_Data.
      winecoreaudio: Implement MIDIOut_LongData.
      winecoreaudio: Implement MIDIOut_GetVolume and MIDIOut_SetVolume.
      winecoreaudio: Implement MIDIOut_Reset.
      winecoreaudio: Initial MIDI In support on Mac OS X.
      winecoreaudio: Initial MIDI In Mach message handling.
      winecoreaudio: Add MIDI In messages in MIDI_NotifyClient.
      winecoreaudio: Implement MIDIIn_Open and MIDIIn_Close.
      winecoreaudio: Implement MIDIIn_GetNumDevs and MIDIIn_GetDevCaps.
      winecoreaudio: Implement MIDIIn_Start and MIDIIn_Stop.
      winecoreaudio: Implement MIDIIn_Reset.
      winecoreaudio: Implement MIDIIn_AddBuffer.
      winecoreaudio: Implement MIDIIn_Prepare and MIDIIn_Unprepare.

Eric Pouech (1):
      acledit: Stubbed out acledit DLL, needed by SysInternals process explorer.

Fabian Bieler (2):
      d3d9/tests: Fix fog with shader test.
      wined3d: Remove usesFog flag from IWineD3DVertexShaderImpl.

Francois Gouget (2):
      advapi32: Fix and extend the RegQueryValueEx() tests.
      advapi32/tests: Use memcmp() instead of strcmp() so that we can check 'intrazeroed' strings.

Gerald Pfeifer (1):
      server: Silence compiler warning in fd_queue_async().

H. Verbeet (16):
      wined3d: Add a function for dumping FBO status codes.
      wined3d: Dump the FBO's attachments when its status is GL_FRAMEBUFFER_UNSUPPORTED_EXT.
      wined3d: Use GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE as data type for WINED3DFMT_A8.
      wined3d: Ignore SetTextureStageState on unsupported texture stages.
      wined3d: Set the FBO drawbuffer using glDrawBuffer when ARB_DRAW_BUFFERS is not supported.
      wined3d: Add a function to determine if a surface is the front or the backbuffer for a swapchain, and return the corresponding GLenum.
      wined3d: Use surface_get_gl_buffer where appropriate.
      wined3d: Properly handle the difference between GL_BACK and GL_FRONT for onscreen surfaces.
      wined3d: Don't try to clear the depth stencil if there is none.
      wined3d: Implement ColorFill using FBOs, if they're being used.
      wined3d: Remove GL_FRAMEBUFFER_INCOMPLETE_DUPLICATE_ATTACHMENT_EXT from debug_fbostatus().
      wined3d: Output pretty GL errors in checkGLcall and vcheckGLcall.
      wined3d: Actually use the calculated mipmap surface sizes in IWineD3DDeviceImpl_CreateVolumeTexture.
      wined3d: Improve IWineD3DVolumeImpl_LoadTexture TRACE output.
      wined3d: The second parameter to glTexImage3DEXT isn't a GLenum.
      wined3d: Fix the return value for IWineD3DDeviceImpl_ColorFill.

Hans Leidekker (9):
      iphlpapi: Only call res_init() once per process.
      msvcrt: Correct the spec file entry for _makepath.
      shell32: Add a stub implementation for OpenAs_RunDLL.
      urlmon: Add an implementation for CreateURLMonikerEx based on existing code for CreateURLMoniker.
      msi: Install translators in the InstallODBC custom action.
      msi: Install data sources in the InstallODBC custom action.
      shell32: Add a stub implementation for SHMapIDListToImageListIndexAsync.
      msi: Add a stub implementation for MsiEnumProductsEx{A, W}.
      expand.exe: Add support for cabinet files.

Huw Davies (5):
      user32: Keep track of whether the app has asked for the text buffer handle.
      user32: Add a function to return the length of the text buffer.
      user32: Cache the text buffer length to avoid excessive calls to strlenW.
      oleaut32: Don't try to free the typeinfo if get_funcdesc fails.
      oleaut32: Rewrite get_funcdesc to avoid using the funcdesc's oVft member so that it works correctly for non-dual dispinterfaces.

Hwang YunSong(황윤성) (2):
      cmd: Updated Korean resource.
      cmd: Updated Korean resource.

Jacek Caban (1):
      hhctrl.ocx: Don't insert content item that could not be merged.

James Hawkins (9):
      msi: Add tests for the concurrent installation custom action.
      msi: Generalize the msi_custom_action_info struct so other custom actions can use it.
      msi: Run the InstallExecute sequence if the InstallUISequnce table is empty.
      msi: Add handling for the concurrent install custom action.
      msi: Return MSICONDITION_NONE in MsiDatabaseIsTablePersistent if the table doesn't exist.
      msi: Add the _Property table back, with tests.
      msi: Add an internal MSI_ViewModify.
      msi: Abstract MSI_RecordSetStream.
      msi: Implement special handling for the _Streams table.

Jan Zerebecki (2):
      user32: Fix to succeed reliably in test where it works by accident.
      wined3d: Remove resourceStoreCriticalSection.

Jason Edmeades (2):
      cmd.exe: Implement a basic 'more'.
      cmd.exe: Support for DEL filename /s.

Jesse Allen (1):
      wined3d: Remove fake nvidia card in GetAdapterIdentifier.

José Manuel Ferrer Ortiz (1):
      winspool.drv: Add Spanish resources.

Kai Blin (1):
      secur32: Move NTLM debug output to a seperate "ntlm" channel.

Ken Thomases (3):
      shell32/tests: Added to-do test showing a bug with file paths with spaces.
      shell32: Don't break file path at spaces in ShellExecuteEx if quoted.
      shell32/tests: Test that quoting file path prevents masking at space.

Kevin Koltzau (1):
      user32: Draw menu item bitmaps in the correct location when the scroll arrows are active.

Kirill K. Smirnov (3):
      xcopy: Add Russian resource.
      kernel32: Add partial stub for NeedCurrentDirectoryForExePath.
      kernel32/tests: Add tests for NeedCurrentDirectoryForExePath.

Lei Zhang (2):
      wineshelllink: Fall back to $HOME if $HOME/Desktop does not exist.
      comdlg32: Initialize CommDlgExtendedError() return value for file dialogs.

Maarten Lankhorst (14):
      winmm: Implement CALLBACK_WINDOW.
      winmm: Pass the right message to hwnd from mixer callback.
      winecfg: Update Dutch resources.
      dsound: Make sure we're holding the lock on Drop And Stop.
      dsound: Don't deadlock in capture because of callback.
      winealsa: Drop unplayed frames instead of waiting for them.
      winealsa: Clear WAVECAPS_DIRECTSOUND for capture.
      winealsa: Remove disabled code.
      winealsa: Introduce mixer code.
      winealsa: Implement opening/closing and caps of device.
      winealsa: Implement mixer controls, and add GetLineInfo.
      winealsa: Implement GetLineControls in mixer.
      winealsa: Implement Get/SetControlDetails in mixer.
      winealsa: Unset WAVECAPS_DIRECTSOUND properly for capture.

Marcus Meissner (1):
      msi: Do not mark the tables const.

Michael Kaufmann (1):
      gdi32: Add a stub for CancelDC.

Michael Stefaniuc (2):
      janitorial: Pass HEAP_ZERO_MEMORY as flag to HeapAlloc() instead of zeroing out the allocated memory in a later call.
      winealsa: Do not check for non-NULL before HeapFree'ing a variable as the check is redundant.

Michał Wiernowolski (1):
      winealsa: Improved handling of SysEx MIDI messages.

Mikołaj Zalewski (6):
      winecfg: Add Polish translation.
      regedit: Update Polish translation.
      comctl32: toolbar: Merge TOOLBAR_GetButtonInfoA and TB_GetButtonInfoW.
      comctl32: toolbar: Don't execute TB_GETBUTTONINFO if cbSize is invalid.
      comctl32: toolbar: In CreateToolbarEx the default bitmap size is also 16x16.
      shlwapi: Fix the handling of overflows in PathCombine[AW].

Paul Vriens (8):
      crypt32/tests: Use A-version for registry functions.
      ws2_32/tests: Add required parameter to CreateThread (for Win9x and WinME).
      kernel32/tests: CreateRemoteThread is not implemented on win98.
      kernel32/tests: GetComputerNameW is not implemented on win98.
      kernel32/tests: GetLongPathNameW is not implemented on win98.
      setupapi/tests: SetupDiCreateDeviceInfoListExW is not implemented on win98.
      setupapi/tests: SetupCopyOEMInfA is not available on NT4.
      kernel32/tests: Resource functions are not implemented on win98.

Rob Shearman (20):
      msi: Add support for non-persistent strings.
      msi: Move string loading and saving to string.c.
      msi: Cleanup unneeded string table functions.
      msi: Remove the hash table for a column when one of its values is modified since it will now be invalid.
      msi: Store the column info in the MSITABLE structure.
      msi: Move table creation to table.c.
      msi: Create the table directly in create_table instead of requiring it to be loaded after saving.
      msi: The HOLD keyword implies a temporary table, whereas database importing should lead to permanent tables, so remove the HOLD keyword.
      msi: Add support for adding temporary/non-persistent data to tables.
      msi: Don't add info to the _Columns table for non-persistent tables.
      msi: Add a persistent flag to tables.
      msi: All columns being temporary means the table is non-persistent.
      msi: Add a non-persistent string instead of a persistent one if the table or row is non-persistent.
      msi: Set rec to NULL after calling msiobj_release on it in msi_create_table so that we don't call msiobj_release on it again.
      msi: Create the _Property table as a temporary table so that the properties aren't saved to the .msi file.
      msi: Fix an off-by-one error when calculating the path and filename for the action data in the SelfRegModules action.
      kernel32: Add the directory the executable was loaded from to the module search path if the module file name doesn't contain a path.
      winebuild: Refer to strings used in generated stubs by symbol rather than by offset to avoid problems when the compiler aligns the strings by 2 or more bytes.
      atl: Use the first entry in the object map in AtlInternalQueryInterface when IUnknown is requested.
      atl: AtlModuleGetClassObject should store an intermediate pointer in obj->pCF and then query this for the requested interface.

Rolf Kalbermatter (6):
      advapi32: Implement QueryServiceStatusEx.
      advapi32: Make QueryServiceStatus use QueryServiceStatusEx.
      advapi32: Make SERVICE_STATUS_PROCESS match the declaration in MSDN and PSDK.
      advapi32: Add EnumServicesStatusExA/W stub implementation.
      advapi32: Make struct service_data_t have the new SERVICE_STATUS_PROCESS struct.
      advapi32: Make service_start_process return the pid to the caller.

Stefan Dösinger (15):
      d3d: Enumerate palettized formats for ddraw.
      d3d: Remove dependency on ddraw.h header.
      d3d9: Do not allow Direct3D9::GetAdapterModeCount to be called with D3DFMT_UNKNOWN.
      d3d9: Rework the converted vertex declaration management.
      wined3d: Do not upload to the vbo if there's nothing to do.
      wined3d: The cursor texture doesn't have GL_APPLE_client_storage backing.
      wined3d: Do not allocate surfaces unless needed.
      wined3d: Add a method to create a declaration from a fvf.
      wined3d: Implement CreateVertexDeclarationFromFVF.
      ddraw: Get rid of FVFs.
      d3d: Fix ProcessVertices.
      ddraw: Add a test for EnumSurfaces.
      ddraw: Use EnumAttachedSurfaces to search for a render target.
      ddraw: Search for texture sublevels with GetAttachedSurface.
      ddraw: Use EnumAttachedSurfaces for SetColorKey.

Stefan Leichter (1):
      advapi32: More tests for RegDeleteTreeA.

Tom Spear (1):
      winecfg: Change WINE_ERR to WINE_TRACE since there is no real error.

Yuval Fledel (8):
      include: Fix a typo in wincrypt.h.
      userenv: Make GetProfileType report a normal (non-roaming) profile.
      include: Introduce ntsecpkg.h.
      rsaenh: Convert handle type from unsigned int to HCRYPTKEY.
      include: Introduce SECPKG_INTERFACE_VERSION and extend PSECPKG_FUNCTION_TABLE accordingly.
      schannel: Implement SpLsaModeInitialize and GetInfo.
      schannel: Implement SpUserModeInitialize.
      schannel: Tests for SpLsaModeInitialize, SpUserModeInitialize and GetInfo.

Alexandre Julliard
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