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Bug List
11	NEW	StrokePath ignores PS_JOIN_xxx
15	NEW	Resize lag in managed mode
17	NEW	Bug while playing WinSkat Pro
19	NEW	Cannot run nowExplorer; err:int:INT_Int3dHandler int3d:
21	NEW	FreeBSD: err:clipping:CLIPPING_UpdateGCRegion DC is dir
22	NEW	Shellexecute API call cannot open URLs
24	NEW	err:progress:ProgressWindowProc unknown msg be10 wp=349
26	NEW	StrokeAndFillPath doesn't fill paths on EMF
35	ASSI	Wine 0.9.0 Meta Bug
39	NEW	PrgWin95: Wrong message sequence for keyboard auto-repe
47	NEW	wrc does not find system headers
48	NEW	PrgWin95/98: System metrics differ from the Win9x value
50	NEW	PrgWin95: Text justification needs beefing up
52	NEW	PrgWin95: Problems with access to the root window
53	NEW	PrgWin95: Wine does not support Win9x style (16bit) coo
54	NEW	PrgWin95: Wrong background for checkboxes, radiobuttons
56	NEW	PrgWin95: Listbox getting a recessed border instead of 
61	NEW	winemaker: Add support for the Visual C++ project files
66	NEW	PrgWin95: Custom cursor display bug
68	NEW	Winelib: SEH support
69	NEW	Visual C++'s native COM support
78	NEW	Wine 1.0 Documentation Metabug - Winelib Users Guide
82	NEW	Stabilize Winelib User Guide Table of Contents
90	NEW	Compile Wine with -DSTRICT
95	NEW	DDE rewrite
96	NEW	DLL Separation (MetaBug)
123	NEW	ComboBoxes and keyboard movements: Closing
124	NEW	Review of Wine Server Protocol
125	NEW	Redraw leaves no widgets in window
127	NEW	WINE fails to build font metrics
128	NEW	Segfaults on trying to open fontdlg for AIM95
129	NEW	Crash when exiting AIM95
130	NEW	Win3.1 program function keys and ALT/SHIFT/CTRL don't w
131	NEW	TWGS.exe will not spawn children
134	NEW	Age Of Empires II - says 'couldn't initialize graphics.
147	NEW	Multi-column list widget: Double click on the header sh
149	NEW	Conflict with another Wine package
151	NEW	dialog focus handling is not correct
154	NEW	Fonts not loaded
155	NEW	Windows Installer cannot be installed (need for Office 
168	NEW	Mouse and Keyboard input die upon entering a game
176	NEW	Implement an SDL back-end
185	NEW	Checkpoint Firewall-1 Gui doesn't work because of starn
199	NEW	Opening dialogues in nord modular editor causes lockup
201	NEW	masking problem - image is not transparent
204	NEW	Lotus Notes attach/detach Soap Opera.
206	NEW	Oddities with console applications
209	NEW	Wine setup ends with TCL error and no config file is wr
216	NEW	selected text sometimes disappears
223	NEW	winemaker: Add support for the msvcrt headers
225	NEW	winemaker: Ignores the '--with-{mfc,wine}' options once
226	NEW	Tries to write /etc/ld.so.cache~ even if prefix is set.
227	NEW	winemaker: 'winemaker --nomfc' does not have the intend
230	NEW	winemaker: Extract more information from the source fil
231	NEW	winemaker: Issue the warnings directly in the source
235	NEW	IPX no longer works.
239	NEW	Metabug: Test Wine with the Common Control Spy Samples
242	NEW	Metabug: Test Wine with the VXCL samples
243	NEW	Tabs are missing their inner border
247	NEW	no keyboard and mouse after update to 20010510
251	NEW	codeweavers-wine does not install regapi and uninstalle
252	NEW	codeweavers-wine: winedbg is a dead link
264	NEW	Drive label definition cannot be sought.
265	NEW	Copy pasting into a wine app works only once
267	NEW	ddraw interface not found
271	NEW	Westwood Monopoly: fixme:gdi:GetObjectType Magic nnnn n
275	NEW	CD - "Linux doesn't allow raw access" ?????
276	NEW	Quickbooks Pro Timer does not accept date (GetCalendarI
280	NEW	Windows Networking (WNet) is not implemented
284	NEW	FillRect failing from STATIC_PaintTextfn
291	NEW	wine systray and other windows not tall enough
292	NEW	Keyboard focus not following
307	NEW	Unable to launch GURPS Character GURU
308	NEW	Firstclass: Mouse slows program to a crawl, but keyboar
320	NEW	Use a real list for SetConsoleCtrlHandler
321	NEW	msvcrt.printf does not support %S & %C
324	NEW	Implement an Alsa sound module
326	NEW	Implement an Esd sound module
327	NEW	CodeWeavers Preview Meta Bug
330	NEW	Add RichEdit support
331	NEW	Wine does not correctly display symbol TrueType fonts
335	NEW	Need Microphone and mic volume Support
343	NEW	file open / save in MS word fails....
346	NEW	Null pointer reference in libws2_32
385	NEW	Quicken99 barely usable
387	NEW	Firstclass: Mouse behaves erratically
390	NEW	Can't start wine: err:module:map_image Could not map se
395	NEW	Wine Tasklist Meta Bug
397	NEW	System hangs while trying to play a sound
406	NEW	Wine Tasklets Meta Bug
412	NEW	Win32 API CreateDIBSection for 4bpp yields wrong result
413	NEW	age of camelot needs wininet.InternetOpenUrlA
416	NEW	Missings exports in winsocks
421	NEW	Implement a DIB engine
422	NEW	Make the registry loadable on demand
423	NEW	Out of process COM
424	NEW	DCOM support
425	NEW	Network UNC path handling
429	NEW	Lotus Notes R. 5.0.8  Modal windows don't close 
430	NEW	Edit Control doesn't not behave like Windows
434	NEW	Mouse button don't get released (Macromedia Flash 5.0)
435	NEW	Wine 2002 01 22 does not compile with freetype 2.0.8 or
437	NEW	Bug when GroupBox caption is updated
443	NEW	Cygwin fails to execute
451	NEW	winemaker: command line parameters are not passed to th
461	NEW	Implement processing for SystemParametersInfo actions w
480	NEW	Convert HBITMAP to a void*
481	NEW	Convert HBRUSH to a void*
482	NEW	Convert HDRVR to a void*
483	NEW	Convert HENHMETAFILE to a void*
484	NEW	Convert HFONT to a void*
486	NEW	Convert HINSTANCE to a void*
487	NEW	Convert HKEY to a void*
488	NEW	Convert HMENU to a void*
489	NEW	Convert HMETAFILE to a void*
490	NEW	Convert HMIDI to a void*
491	NEW	Convert HMIDIIN to a void*
492	NEW	Convert HMIDIOUT to a void*
493	NEW	Convert HMIDISTRM to a void*
494	NEW	Convert HMIXER to a void*
495	NEW	Convert HMIXEROBJ to a void*
496	NEW	Convert HMMIO to a void*
498	NEW	Convert HPALETTE to a void*
499	NEW	Convert HPEN to a void*
500	NEW	Convert HRGN to a void*
501	NEW	Convert HRSRC to a void*
502	NEW	Convert HTASK to a void*
503	NEW	Convert HWAVE to a void*
504	NEW	Convert HWAVEIN to a void*
505	NEW	Convert HWAVEOUT to a void*
506	NEW	Convert HKL to a void*
507	NEW	Convert HDC to a void*
508	NEW	Convert HANDLE to a void*
509	NEW	Convert HWND to a void*
510	NEW	Convert HACCEL to a void*
517	NEW	Could not load wprocs.dll
521	NEW	WINE removes trailing backslash in GetFullPathNameA/W i
526	NEW	Document the regression testing framework
527	NEW	Running C regression tests on Windows with MSVC
528	NEW	Running C regression tests on Windows with Cygwin/MinGW
529	NEW	Running Perl regression tests on Windows
530	NEW	Package the regression tests for Windows
531	NEW	DLL Separation: ddraw from gdi32
532	NEW	DLL Separation: gdi32 from ttydrv, x11drv (BITMAP_Drive
533	NEW	DLL Separation: gdi32 from ttydrv, x11drv (PALETTE_Driv
534	NEW	DLL Separation: gdi32 from ttydrv, x11drv (color init)
535	NEW	DLL Separation: wineps from gdi32
536	NEW	DLL Separation: ttydrv from gdi32
537	NEW	DLL Separation: ttydrv from user32
538	NEW	DLL Separation: x11drv from gdi32
539	NEW	DLL Separation: x11drv from user32 (caret)
540	NEW	DLL Separation: x11drv from user32 (clipboard)
541	NEW	DLL Separation: x11drv from user32 (drag and drop)
542	NEW	DLL Separation: x11drv from user32 (misc)
543	NEW	DLL Separation: x11drv from ntdll (FILE_DupUnixHandle)
544	NEW	DLL Separation: x11drv from ntdll (Options)
545	NEW	DLL Separation: x11drv from ntdll (VIRTUAL_SetFaultHand
546	NEW	DLL Separation: winedos from ntdll
547	NEW	DLL Separation: user32 from gdi32
548	NEW	DLL Separation: user32 from ntdll (ATOM_Init)
549	NEW	DLL Separation: user32 from ntdll (misc)
550	NEW	DLL Separation: gdi32 from ntdll (DOSFS_GetFullName)
551	NEW	DLL Separation: gdi32 from ntdll (misc)
556	NEW	Reconcile the Windows and Wine spec files

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