[Bug 758] Changed - Menu/combo-box-functionality in managed mode.

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Sun Jun 2 15:42:14 CDT 2002


*** shadow/758	Sun Jun  2 13:30:14 2002
--- shadow/758.tmp.3509	Sun Jun  2 15:42:14 2002
*** 44,46 ****
--- 44,62 ----
  ------- Additional Comments From tony_lambregts at telusplanet.net  2002-06-02 13:30 -------
  Not the same as but related... I just thought you could shed more light on it
  then I could, and you might enjoy the Chalange. <grin>
+ ------- Additional Comments From peter at husen.dk  2002-06-02 15:42 -------
+ I was unable to run Word2000 (a dialog shows along with the splash screen saying
+ that there is not enough memory to run the program), but I can launch Excel2000
+ in which the menu-problem remains.
+ I am running sawfish-gnome version (debian package version),
+ and I usually have it set up so that the mouse changes focus on 'enter-exit'.
+ However I just tried to change it and found out that it works when it is set to
+ 'enter-only' or 'click'.
+ <OffTopic>This actually also solves a similar problem in Galeon: when I start to
+ type an URL, the combo-box pops up with possible completions. If the mouse is in
+ the area in which it pops up, the text box loses focus.</OffTopic>
+ It seems that Sawfish doesn't consider the menus as belonging to the parent
+ program window. Is this a bug in anything?
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