[Bug 456] Changed - Try running a Tribes 1 Server in wine resolves into "fixme:winsock:_get_sock_fd handle 0 is set a socket" error

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Sat May 11 02:17:57 CDT 2002


*** shadow/456	Sat May 11 00:22:43 2002
--- shadow/456.tmp.8084	Sat May 11 02:17:57 2002
*** 73,75 ****
--- 73,93 ----
  Believe me, I've already tried. Plus telling wine the full path won't work 
  around the 'won't pass parameters to program file' bug, because it will still 
  work the same way as without telling it the full path.
+ ------- Additional Comments From tony_lambregts at telusplanet.net  2002-05-11 02:17 -------
+ Sorry about that.I don't know much about the passed parameters but whenever I
+ want to run a program I always run it with quotes. for example when I want to
+ install a program from my CD I use: 
+ wine "d:\setup.exe" 
+ When I open someting in ms word
+ wine "f:\program files\ms-office\office\winword.exe" "somedoc.doc"
+ That way I don't have to worry about escaping spaces or case sensitivity. note
+ the back slashes. This is what I refer to as the "Windows way" of running wine.
+ Anyway so far this is just so much noise if it doesn't solve your problem. I
+ have contacted some of the developers that do know something about this maybe
+ they can help.

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