[Bug 2292] Corrupted file problem Wine20040613,20040505 with Xilinx XST 6.2i

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Thu Jun 17 12:44:20 CDT 2004


------- Additional Comments From Oli1417 at gmx.net  2004-17-06 12:44 -------
The problem occures also with the CVS version 20040615

I've created several debugging logs, which I will still attach:

o xst.Debug-Session-2.txt.bz2: 

The log of winedbg session until the problem occures. It's done with
winedbg 2040505, since the latest winedbg somehow didn't work.

The log contains *COMMENT* markers, where I explain things.

o xst.debug.extract.grep_-A_1000_-B_1000_-E_xst_work_hdllib.ref.bz2

A log with wine20040615 and +file,+ntdll,+relay. I grep for the 
xst/work/hdllib.ref file and extracted +-1000 lines arround it. The programs 
runs extremely slow with +relay and produces gigs of debugging output. Normal 
runtime of this case is ~10sec.

o xst.debug.extract.grep_-i_file.bz2 

Same as above, but I grep for everything with i/file/

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