[Bug 717] StarCraft Icons not created by wineshelllink

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Wed May 5 20:51:27 CDT 2004


------- Additional Comments From Speeddymon at yahoo.com  2004-05-05 20:51 -------
Well it may be a lil while before I can help with debugging the real problem, 
because as I said before I still dont have a computer, just using a public 
access one.  But if you know a little bit about BASH scripting, I can help you 
write up a workaround..

I think that all that needs to be done is have wineshelllink check to see if 
the link target exists.  If it does then create the link as before, but if not, 
then create the link using the dummy icon (which would be installed to 
C:\Windows\System (or C:\WinNT\System32) when wine is installed)

Of course some nice but not necessary additions to this would be to have an 
initscript check (upon bootup) to see if the files needed to create a proper 
link exist, and if so then call wineshelllink to do so.  Another thing it could 
do is to remove links when someone hasnt properly uninstalled a program and the 
targets _no longer_ exist (but did before).  And of course if the link is 
already proper then do nothing...  This is of course not necessary as I said 
before but would be something nice..

If anyone has any other ideas post em here and as soon as I get a computer Ill 
get to writing them up..

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