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------- Additional Comments From saulius.krasuckas at elst.vtu.lt  2004-10-05 11:27 -------
Wine crashes in same way while running vidsize.exe utility from Diablo1 (at
least).  the problem shows up somewhere at windows/dialog.c lines 635-675:

    dlgInfo = DIALOG_get_info(hwnd);
    dlgInfo->hwndFocus   = 0;
    dlgInfo->hUserFont   = hUserFont;

inline DIALOG_get_info() calls GetWindowLongW() and gets back with weird pointer
at dlls/user/controls.h lines 137-147.

call maps to WIN_GetWindowLong() which basically does following:

static LONG WIN_GetWindowLong( HWND hwnd, INT offset, WINDOWPROCTYPE type )
    LONG retvalue = 0;
    WND *wndPtr;
    // ..skipped
    if (!(wndPtr = WIN_GetPtr( hwnd )))
        return 0;
    // ..skipped
    if (offset >= 0)
        // ..skipped
        retvalue = *(LONG *)(((char *)wndPtr->wExtra) + offset);
        /* Special case for dialog window procedure */
        // ..skipped
        WIN_ReleasePtr( wndPtr );
        return retvalue;
// ..skipped

DWORD wndPtr->wExtra contains zero, and adding "offset" (containing "12") to it
plus typecasting gives us weird pointer.  i would like to know where and what
side the logic is flawed on.

BTW, that is a regression, maybe very old.  still i hadn't some time to make a

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