[Bug 2210] wine crashs running vidsize.exe for Diablo I

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Wed May 12 03:38:36 CDT 2004


------- Additional Comments From saulius.krasuckas at elst.vtu.lt  2004-12-05 03:38 -------
hm.  Tony, I will do that, but only after some bigger investigation.  problem in
my case is custom DialogProc-callback being installed for message handling, I am

=>0 0x407e3afa (DIALOG_CreateIndirect+0x24e(hInst=0x400000,
dlgTemplate=0x4065b8, owner=0x0, dlgProc=0x401260, param=0x0, unicode=0x0,
modal=0x0) [dialog.c:636] in USER32.DLL) (ebp=4075fdfc)
  1 0x407e3fa7 (CreateDialogIndirectParamAorW+0x23(hInst=0x400000,
dlgTemplate=0x406554, owner=0x0, dlgProc=0x401260, param=0x0, flags=0x2)
[dialog.c:735] in USER32.DLL) (ebp=4075fe20)
  2 0x407e3fd2 (CreateDialogIndirectParamA+0x26(hInst=0x400000,
dlgTemplate=0x406554, owner=0x0, dlgProc=0x401260, param=0x0) [dialog.c:744] in
USER32.DLL) (ebp=4075fe44)
  3 0x407e3f26 (CreateDialogParamA+0x42(hInst=0x400000, name=0x65, owner=0x0,
dlgProc=0x401260, param=0x0) [dialog.c:708] in USER32.DLL) (ebp=4075fe68)
  4 0x0040140a (vidsize.exe..text+0x40a in vidsize.exe) (ebp=407e3ee4)
  5 0x8b056a53 (MSVCRT.DLL..reloc+0x13015a53) (ebp=56e58955)
*** Invalid address 0x56e58955 (svcauthdes_stats+0x14d1ca41)

0x407e3afa (DIALOG_CreateIndirect+0x24e [dialog.c:636] in USER32.DLL): movl    
637         dlgInfo->hUserFont   = hUserFont;

AFAICS, DEFDLG_InitDlgInfo() should be called in any case to allocate memory for
dlgInfo variable and to avoid crash.  in my case it doesn't just maybe for
installing custom DialogProc-callback: dlgProc=0x401260.

in original report dlgProc=0x0, hence Wine's DEFDLG_InitDlgInfo() function there
should be called by DefDlgProcA() before DIALOG_get_info().  thus, the problem
(with software of original report) may be not the same.

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