[Bug 2229] Crash Interface unknown when creating D3DDevice running Stuart Little 2

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Mon May 17 04:44:20 CDT 2004


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------- Additional Comments From lionel.ulmer at free.fr  2004-17-05 04:44 -------
Could you (just to try it) add the line with '+' before it to the
dlls/ddraw/direct3d/mesa.c file in the create_device_helper function :

    if ((iid == NULL) ||
	(IsEqualGUID(&IID_D3DDEVICE_OpenGL, iid)) ||
+	(IsEqualGUID(&IID_IDirect3DRampDevice, iid)) ||
	(IsEqualGUID(&IID_IDirect3DHALDevice, iid)) ||
	(IsEqualGUID(&IID_IDirect3DTnLHalDevice, iid)) ||
	(IsEqualGUID(&IID_IDirect3DRefDevice, iid))) {

It may have chances to work... Report any visual corruptions you have though.

I still wonder why this game (that seems not THAT old from what I can see from
my Googling) would use such an obsolete device.

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