[Bug 1486] Dynamically created menus do not work in Delphi apps

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Thu Sep 9 02:17:25 CDT 2004


------- Additional Comments From jarto at starsoft.fi  2004-09-09 02:17 -------
I've read all the discussions about Michael's patch. It's unfortunate that the
patch was dropped. However, it's good that we know the root cause and it's
documented here in Bugzilla.

It's now about two years since I first noticed that menus don't work in the
Delphi apps I've created. It took another year before I was able to make a
simple test case. At this point I tried to solve the bug myself. When I
couldn't, I submitted this bug. 

If I understand right, the patch won't be accepted because:

1. Somebody will reimplement the menu code properly at some point
2. The fix may break some other apps

IMHO the first reason is a bad one. Nobody can say for sure when the menu code
will be rewritten. There will always be areas to improve in Wine and lots of
other bugs and features will end up getting a higher priority in the future. We
might still be using the same menu code two more years from now.

What we know is that lots of Delphi apps don't work. But we don't know what the
patch may break.

I'd like to suggest:

1. Accept Michael's patch
2. Let's find out what the patch breaks
3. Revert back to the old code if it broke some important application

After that we'd at least know more which is better than guessing.

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