[Bug 3293] Steam dies on startup (memstd.cpp 143: assertion failed)

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Sun Dec 11 08:10:44 CST 2005


------- Additional Comments From ivg2 at cornell.edu  2005-11-12 08:10 -------
Hi, this bug appears to be caused by an ENOMEM failure on my computer.
I will not close it yet, because I don't understand why this happens - I think
that I should have more than enough memory to run Steam (1GB ram + 512 swap),
40% used. Steam attempts to reserve 200MB of virual memory, fails, ignores the
failure, proceeds, and later tries to commit the memory, at which point it
reports an assert failure (used to be 143, now it's 148). Lately I also get an
exception that it could not write to virtual address 4, because of insufficient

Here's the call that fails:

It goes through VirtualAlloc, and then wine_anon_mmap: 

(Cannot allocate memory) 

I am currently trying prelinking and various things suggested on wine-devel, but
ultimately I am suspicious that wine might be the source of the problem - if I
find out otherwise will I'll close the bug.

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