[Bug 3951] Keys go dead after switching applications

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Thu Dec 15 05:01:41 CST 2005


------- Additional Comments From joeybell10101 at hotmail.com  2005-15-12 05:01 -------
I've found that, when not functioning properly, after pressing ALT twice (to get 
onto the menu and then off again) it returns back to functioning properly again. 

It also seems that when, back in normal function, I try ALT-M (something clearly 
not registered with a menu) it beeps at me; but when I try ALT-X or ALT-R, two 
keys that go dead (which are also not registered with a menu), it does not; and 
as ALT-X is the equivalent to CTRL-TAB you would expect that not to work either, 
which it doesn't. However, I am yet to find out what the equivalent to ALT-R is, 
or even what its function is supposed to be -- it could be 'Search', that's all 
I've come up with.

Does this help at all?

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