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------- Additional Comments From dank at kegel.com  2005-23-12 17:52 -------
OK, sorry about the many posts here.  I went back
and ran webed on Windows, and figured out how to
reproduce the original problem:
1. run webed
2. pick 'color picker' from menu
3. put in any six digit hex code, press 'show this color'
4. edit the RGB fields in the far right of the box;
   as you type, the color should change dynamically.
   This does not happen in wine.

I think I know why, too:
if you run with WINEDEBUG=+commdlg, you see lines like
trace:commdlg:CC_WMCommand CC_WMCommand wParam=20002c4 lParam=102de
but if you look at dlls/commdlg/colordlg.c, it's not
expecting the high word of wParam to be set.
There was one other bug: lpp->updating was wrongly set to 1 in
one function.  I'm attaching a patch against wine-0.9.4 that 
fixes the problems here.

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