[Bug 2256] WINE fails to render text in the Magic the Gathering online demo

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Mon Feb 7 15:39:56 CST 2005


------- Additional Comments From jeb at jebshouse.com  2005-07-02 15:39 -------
There is a workaround for this bug. If you edit the .wine/config file like this:

; Use the Render extension to render client side fonts (default "Y")
"ClientSideWithRender" = "N"
; Fallback on X core requests to render client side fonts (default "Y")
"ClientSideWithCore" = "N"
; Set both of the previous two to "N" in order to force X11 server side fonts

You should be able to see the text. It's very small and hard to read, but it's
there. You can download and install fonts and tweak to try and get better
performance (see this thread at boards.wizards.com:
http://boards.wizards.com/showthread.php?t=369379 ) 

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