[Bug 2659] Shareaza 2.1 Does not start

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Mon Jul 4 10:06:02 CDT 2005


------- Additional Comments From jlh at gmx.ch  2005-04-07 10:06 -------
An update: More recent versions of wine (at least Wine-20050524) don't have this 
particular problem anymore, Shareaza (including the beta) now starts 
again without that I have to undo the changes that caused it to fail earlier.  
However, Shareaza's stability (on Wine) has worsened, IMHO.  Also the symptoms 
of malfunction have changed.  It now even hangs on simple actions like opening/
closing tabs.

Running Shareaza on wine is and has always been very unstable and as I see it, 
it is not suitable for everyday use.  However, this might heavily depend on the 
kind of wine installation one has and its configuration.  Experts might be able 
to tweak it to a usable state.  I'd recommend to non-experts of Shareaza/Wine/
Linux to have a look at alternatives.  Though I didn't find one that is 

Modifying Shareaza to make it run better in wine might or might not work.  In 
any case, I don't consider it "The Right Thing" to do, as it's clear that it's 
wine's task to make Shareaza properly run on linux, not Shareaza's.  Shareaza 
runs without problems on the platform it was written for.  However, if the 
required modifications to Shareaza are very small (which I doubt very much) and 
it would make things run much better, then it might be worth it.  But keep in 
mind that wine is in constant movement and it probably won't take long until new 
problems appear.  To constantly update Shareaza to make it still work in wine is 
sure not a good thing.

The best thing one can do, is to help in wine development.  And even if that 
effort serves the only goal to make Shareaza work, wine devs will still 
appreciate it.

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