[Bug 3115] Origin: Saving (as Origin) files fails - export works though

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Thu Jul 14 06:32:45 CDT 2005


------- Additional Comments From burnus at gmx.de  2005-14-07 06:32 -------
Quick analysis by Alexandre Julliard:
> The \??\ is the NT prefix, that's normal. The problem is apparently
> that the app wants to create a new file using TRUNCATE_EXISTING, which
> fails if the file does not exist. So either the file should have been
> created earlier on, or the app is using the wrong creation argument
> for some reason.

Ok, looking again the debug output, I see first
trace:ntdll:NtCreateFile handle=0x45000104 access=80000000
name=L"\\??\\C:\\Program Files\\origin6.0\\" objattr=00000040 root=(nil)
sec=(nil) io=0x406da464 alloc_size=(nil)                                       
sharing=00000003 disp=1 options=00000021 ea=(nil).0x00000000
disp(osition)=1 is FILE_CREATE (fails if file exists, otherwise creates file).

Only later it then tries CreateFileW with TRUNCATE_EXISTING (creation 3).
Seemingly, either the file does not yet exist when CreateFileW is called or
something else goes wrong here.

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