[Bug 1058] Microsoft close combat 2 trial will not run correctly

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Sat Jul 16 20:10:12 CDT 2005


------- Additional Comments From elias_kunnas at welho.com  2005-16-07 20:10 -------
Just downloaded the trial and tried it.

I'm currently using wine 20050628 (debian).

First thing I noticed was when running install; The splash screen with 'Install'
and 'Exit' buttons was at the top of everything and center of the screen and
stayed there for the installation. All the installer dialogs except for the two
last ones were partially under the splash screen, which probably should have
closed or at least not being at top of everything! The two last dialogs were
completely under the splash screen and had to be selected from window manager's
window list (though it only showed a single wine window) and then pressed enter
to complete the installation.

The game seemed to be working almost perfectly, no crashing occured, sound
worked, but graphics rendering was slow (it was playable though). Also the main
menu GUI seemed to be unresponsive, it took about 1 sec to react to, for
example, having cursor over a button, this might be caused by the slow graphics
rendering of the game. Also, when holding mouse middle button in a started game,
the icon/cursor showing the initial position of cursor is displayed in a white
box instead of showing properly and is even affected by shadows and goes under
the trees too :-D (or maybe a bug in the game??)

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