[Bug 2138] Missing DLLs when running Reason

Silver Blade silverblade_uk at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 19 18:28:55 CDT 2005

>Playback of the tutorial song that comes with Reason works fine.
>The UI feels sluggish and after a few seconds of chopping sound it stops 
>and it
>tells me "Computer too slow to play song" - but looking at the interface 
>considering that my box isn't that fast I guess this is not a Wine bug 
>some missed optimizations here and there).

Sorry, but Reason still doesn't run for me, nor for someone else who has 
also been trying to get it running under WINE.

The problems being experienced now are not related to the original bug.

But I'm surprised you managed to get the demo song to play.

Which version of Reason are you trying? I'm trying version 3.

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