[Bug 2922] Unhandled Exception when starting F18.EXE

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Thu Jul 28 17:29:05 CDT 2005


------- Additional Comments From bmichaelsen at gmx.de  2005-28-07 17:29 -------
No, I dont think there is a demo.
If I understood you right, you what this (although it looks almost the same to
me ...):

bjoern at lord ~ % WINEDEBUG=relay wine /usr/local/misc/wine/FA-18/F18.EXE
wine: Unhandled exception (thread 0009), starting debugger...
WineDbg starting on pid 0x8
Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0xc045d004 in 32-bit code
In 32 bit mode.
Register dump:
 CS:0073 SS:007b DS:007b ES:007b FS:003b GS:0033
 EIP:0042629c ESP:7fc2daa4 EBP:7fc2daf0 EFLAGS:00010246(   - 00      -RIZP1)
 EAX:c045d000 EBX:00000001 ECX:7fc2db18 EDX:00000001
 ESI:7fd0a680 EDI:00400000
Stack dump:
0x7fc2daa4:  00400000 7fd0a680 7fc2daf0 7fc2dac4
0x7fc2dab4:  00000001 00000001 7fc2db18 00001010
0x7fc2dac4:  00400000 7fd0a680 00000001 00001010
0x7fc2dad4:  00010073 00000000 d00007ff 0001c045
0x7fc2dae4:  00000000 00000002 00013b6b 7fc2dbb4
0x7fc2daf4:  0042641f 00001010 7fc2db18 00400000
=>1 0x0042629c in f18 (+0x2629c) (0x7fc2daf0)
  2 0x0042641f in f18 (+0x2641f) (0x7fc2dbb4)
  3 0x00422d9c in f18 (+0x22d9c) (0x7fc2dc64)
  4 0x00421e56 in f18 (+0x21e56) (0x7fc2dc84)
  5 0x0042111e in f18 (+0x2111e) (0x7fc2dcc8)
  6 0x00420bea in f18 (+0x20bea) (0x7fc2fd24)
  7 0x0042087e in f18 (+0x2087e) (0x7fc2fd7c)
  8 0x00422506 in f18 (+0x22506) (0x7fc2fdb4)
  9 0x0040e279 in f18 (+0xe279) (0x7fc2fe94)
  10 0x004169b2  ?? +0x152 in f18 (0x7fc2ff20)
  11 0x7fd04c2a in kernel32 (+0x44c2a) (0x7fc2fff4)
  12 0xb7f91e91  ?? +0x11 in libwine.so.1 (0x00000000)
0x0042629c: movl        0x4(%eax),%esi
Module  Address                 Debug info      Name (49 modules)
PE      0x00400000-00444000     Export          f18
ELF     0x77e94000-77f00000     Deferred        ntdll<elf>
  \-PE  0x77eb0000-77f00000     \               ntdll
ELF     0x77f00000-77f03000     Deferred        <wine-loader>
ELF     0x7ef16000-7ef31000     Deferred        imm32<elf>
  \-PE  0x7ef20000-7ef31000     \               imm32
ELF     0x7ef31000-7ef4e000     Deferred        ximcp.so.2
ELF     0x7ef4e000-7ef50000     Deferred        xlcutf8load.so.2
ELF     0x7ef94000-7f685000     Deferred        libglcore.so.1
ELF     0x7f685000-7f6f3000     Deferred        libgl.so.1
ELF     0x7f709000-7f7d3000     Deferred        libx11.so.6
ELF     0x7f7d3000-7f7ea000     Deferred        libice.so.6
ELF     0x7f7ea000-7f85a000     Deferred        x11drv<elf>
  \-PE  0x7f800000-7f85a000     \               x11drv
ELF     0x7f85a000-7f87a000     Deferred        libexpat.so.0
ELF     0x7f87a000-7f8a1000     Deferred        libfontconfig.so.1
ELF     0x7f8af000-7f8b7000     Deferred        libxrender.so.1
ELF     0x7f8b7000-7f929000     Deferred        libfreetype.so.6
ELF     0x7f93f000-7f955000     Deferred        lz32<elf>
  \-PE  0x7f950000-7f955000     \               lz32
ELF     0x7f955000-7f96d000     Deferred        version<elf>
  \-PE  0x7f960000-7f96d000     \               version
ELF     0x7f96d000-7f9a3000     Deferred        advapi32<elf>
  \-PE  0x7f980000-7f9a3000     \               advapi32
ELF     0x7f9a3000-7fa22000     Deferred        gdi32<elf>
  \-PE  0x7f9c0000-7fa22000     \               gdi32
ELF     0x7fa22000-7fb30000     Deferred        user32<elf>
  \-PE  0x7fa40000-7fb30000     \               user32
ELF     0x7fc33000-7fc37000     Deferred        libxrandr.so.2
ELF     0x7fc37000-7fc40000     Deferred        libxcursor.so.1.0.2
ELF     0x7fc44000-7fc52000     Deferred        libxext.so.6
ELF     0x7fc93000-7fd90000     Export          kernel32<elf>
  \-PE  0x7fcc0000-7fd90000     \               kernel32
ELF     0x7fea2000-7fea8000     Deferred        libxxf86dga.so.1
ELF     0x7fea8000-7feb3000     Deferred        libnss_files.so.2
ELF     0x7feb3000-7fec9000     Deferred        libnsl.so.1
ELF     0x7fec9000-7fed2000     Deferred        libnss_compat.so.2
ELF     0x7fed5000-7fed7000     Deferred        libnvidia-tls.so.1
ELF     0x7fed7000-7fee8000     Deferred        libz.so.1
ELF     0x7fee8000-7ff0d000     Deferred        libm.so.6
ELF     0x7ff0d000-80000000     Deferred        libwine_unicode.so.1
ELF     0xb7e40000-b7e45000     Deferred        libxxf86vm.so.1
ELF     0xb7e46000-b7e4a000     Deferred        libdl.so.2
ELF     0xb7e4a000-b7f79000     Deferred        libc.so.6
ELF     0xb7f79000-b7f8c000     Deferred        libpthread.so.0
ELF     0xb7f8d000-b7fa6000     Export          libwine.so.1
ELF     0xb7fa6000-b7faf000     Deferred        libsm.so.6
ELF     0xb7faf000-b7fba000     Deferred        libnss_nis.so.2
ELF     0xb7fbc000-b7fd4000     Deferred        ld-linux.so.2
process  tid      prio (all id:s are in hex)
00000008 (D) D:\FA-18\F18.EXE
        00000009    0 <==
WineDbg terminated on pid 0x8

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