[Bug 1577] utf8 flag in vfat mount options prevents wine from working

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Fri Jul 29 16:22:07 CDT 2005


------- Additional Comments From ciudadsoledad at flashmail.com  2005-29-07 16:22 -------
I downloaded 20050725, compiled with no problem, removed old wine, moved ~/.wine
to avoid anything messing up, and installed new wine.

The crashing was still there, sometimes endless loops when trying to access vfat
partitons mounted with UTF8. But from the dump from strace I became suspicious
the vfat modules (kernel 2.4.25) had something to do:
ioctl(6, VFAT_IOCTL_READDIR_BOTH, 0x406c0018) = 0
ioctl(6, VFAT_IOCTL_READDIR_BOTH, 0x406c0018) = 0

(going on forever)

So I started Linux with kernel 2.6.11 and started "wine notepad", just for
testing. I chose "open" from the menu so the file chooser would appear. No
crash, I read the directorioes of VFAT disks mounted with UTF8 perfectly with
correct filenames, even those names with non-ascii characters used in Spanish.

Maybe the solution to the problem for the person starting this bugfix request is
just to add the "iocharset" option to vfat entries in his /etc/fstab file. Works
for me.

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