[Bug 1410] Starlancer starts, but the mouse won't work

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Sat May 7 15:27:42 CDT 2005


------- Additional Comments From lionel.ulmer at free.fr  2005-07-05 15:27 -------
I think this is the worse case of DInput breakage I know :-)

Basically, the application is, after each DInput call doing a 'SetCursorPos'
itself in the middle of the screen (for what reason, I have no clue at all). And
as both middles do not exactly match (for other reasons), there are 'spurious'
mouse moves generated => once the cursor is moved, it will always move up.

Best way to fix is to integrate real relative mouse movement reporting to the X
server (proposal sent to XOrg list - waiting for an answer) or - at the very
least - move all the mouse warping stuff to the X11 driver (which would then
know that it's in relative mouse movement mode and thus not do the
application-asked warp).

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