[Bug 2958] Swift 3d Installs but - doesnt run,..

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Sat May 14 13:26:49 CDT 2005


------- Additional Comments From Speeddymon at gmail.com  2005-14-05 13:26 -------
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sure thing, love this app 2 work if it can,..

so far i tried it under 

20050211 (installed OK crashed on run with no app activity)

20050419 RPM (installed OK crashed but attempted to run and app
complained about missing True type fonts)

CVS Tree as direected by winehq - same as 20050419

 - Will try more and send results, is there a particularly good build to
use for this problem or any logging / testing options that i can send to
you guys ?

Mike, for future reference, please post replies to the email wine-bugs sends you
to the bug being asked about, so anyone else that wants to view the bug can.. 

As for a good build, like I said before, the october and november releases from
2004 are good to test if it is a gl/window rewrite bug, as that had not been
started back then.  If it works in november, but doesnt work in december, then
we are 99% that it is windowing related.  If you can get a +relay trace and
attach (dont copy/paste) the 500 lines BEFORE AND AFTER the crash, it would
help, as we could see everything it does leading up to the crash.  Also, in case
you were thinking about compressing the log (you would be surprised how many
people do it), when you attach it, please don't, just leave it in plaintext
format.  Thanks

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