[Bug 3004] various DSOUND problems in alien vs predator

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Mon May 30 07:20:27 CDT 2005


------- Additional Comments From reif at earthlink.net  2005-30-05 07:20 -------
The fixme:wave:DSD_CreateSecondaryBuffer is harmless.  It means you have
hardware that supports hardware mixing but wine doesn't support that yet and
will fall back to software mixing.

The err:dsound:DSOUND_MixInBuffer length not a multiple of block size message is
bad because direct sound is trying to do something that doesn't make any sense.
 It fixes itself and trys to continue but is probably hopelessly confused at
that point which could result in a crash.

Please create a trace using WINEDEBUG=+wave,+dsound and run it up to the point
where you see the err:dsound:DSOUND_MixInBuffer messages.

I have a copy of this game on order and should have it in a few days but I may
not be able to reproduce the problem if it is specific to your soundcard and/or
OS version.

Can you run the direct sound regression tests in interactive mode to see if it
is a hardware or os issue?

cd to dlls/dsound/tests and run
WINETEST_INTERACTIVE=1 wine dsound_test.exe.so dsound
Do the same for dsound8, ds3d, ds3d8 and propset and listen to the output and
see if there are any error messages.

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