[Bug 1973] Bug in StretchDIBits with biBitCount=32

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Sat Nov 5 17:32:08 CST 2005


------- Additional Comments From willie at froq.net  2005-05-11 17:32 -------
Some additional tests: 
I ran a +bitmap,+x11drv trace for Mirage and it's predecessor, Aura, to check 
for differences that might explain the issue. The splashscreen is almost 
completely identical for both apps (different colors, but most of it is the 
same). I couldn't see anything that would explain the drawing error in the 
diff. Maybe someone else finds the problem in there, so I will upload both 
logs if anyone needs them. 
And there's something else I think is worth noting. Sometimes, upon starting 
Mirage, it hangs for a fraction of a second. Shortly after the splash pops up, 
after the (supposed to be) dark gray backgound is drawn, but before any 
widgets appear. At that point, the background still has the correct, dark gray 
color. But as soon as the first widget appears, the background changes color 
to dark blue (completely wrong). I don't know why Wine starts to draw it 
correctly and all of a sudden produces garbage, but maybe the info helps. 
I'm starting to wonder if a DIB engine is really needed to fix that issue, or 
if the problem is somewhere else...  

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