[Bug 3767] Setup needs administrative privileges

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Sun Nov 6 17:06:57 CST 2005


------- Additional Comments From postmaster at pcos.dyndns.org  2005-06-11 17:06 -------
There is no SetLastError in SetThreadToken.

 * SetThreadToken [ADVAPI32.@]
 * Assigns an 'impersonation token' to a thread so it can assume the
 * security privileges of another thread or process.  Can also remove
 * a previously assigned token.
 *   thread          [O] Handle to thread to set the token for
 *   token           [I] Token to set
 *  Success: TRUE. The threads access token is set to token
 *  Failure: FALSE.
 *  Only supported on NT or higher. On Win9X this function does nothing.
 *  See SetTokenInformation.
BOOL WINAPI SetThreadToken(PHANDLE thread, HANDLE token)
#    return set_ntstatus( NtSetInformationThread( thread ? *thread : 
#                                                 ThreadImpersonationToken, 
&token, sizeof token ));
     return true;

I changed it to this, will that do what you want it to do?



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