[Bug 2658] Trillian loops infinitely in splash screen

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Mon Nov 7 08:12:29 CST 2005


------- Additional Comments From molle.bestefich at gmail.com  2005-07-11 08:12 -------
Just had a brief chat with Javi S. Pedro (reporter of this bug).

It wasn't clear from his original description which version of Wine he
previously used to test Trillian.

He seems to remember using the version recommended by WineTools, which currently
is 20041019.

Looking at the source code of 20041019 ("svn blame -r17705
svn://wine-svn.troy.rollo.name/wine/wine/trunk/windows/winpos.c") shows that the
lines which my patch fixes also exist there, and has in fact been in place since
at least 1998.

Regression testing could be done to find if there's a better way to fix the
splash screen problem than with the patch I posted earlier, but the effort might
be fruitless.  Alexandre Julliard did a rewrite of the windowing system about
that time, so a lot of things are bound to interact in a very different way than

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