[Bug 3778] morrowind faild to detect graphics correctly

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Tue Nov 8 22:19:12 CST 2005


------- Additional Comments From willie at froq.net  2005-08-11 22:19 -------
Oops, sorry, maybe instant zen also has another problem, so it might not be 
the perfect testcase. It wants 32bit depth _and_ framebuffer alpha support, 
according to the popup. I guess they mean SB_PIXEL_ALPHA, part of 
SHADEBLENDCAPS in GetDeviceCaps for x11drv. SHADEBLENDCAPS seems to be 
completely missing currently: 
I would add them myself, seems to be gruntwork, but there are numbers in the 
header file behind all other capabilities - I don't know what they mean, or 
what the correct values for those caps would be...  

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