[Bug 3856] Picasa doesn't recognize USB key on import

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Fri Nov 18 10:41:03 CST 2005


------- Additional Comments From dank at kegel.com  2005-18-11 10:41 -------
Three notes:

1. 20050830 is ancient.  Please retest with the current release, 0.9.1.

2. Regardless of whether the USB drive is mounted properly or
   recognized by the app, Wine should not be exhibiting the
   problem in Clay's comment #1.

3. We want Wine/Linux to reproduce the user experience of Windows
   here.  When run on a Linux distro that automounts USB drives
   and notifies apps of the event (say, using DBUS), Picasa on Wine
   should faithfully notice the event and show the pictures on the
   USB drive in the import window.
   On Linux, apps like gnome-volume-manager are how automounting
   and the like are handled.  Clay, you might want to verify that 
   gnome-volume-manager is installed and that the USB drive shows
   up on your desktop when you insert the drive.  If it doesn't,
   you may need to find an Ubuntu box to test on.  (Not sure 
   ubuntu 04.10 is new enough to have gnome volume manager, but
   the later versions have it.)

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