[Bug 3885] 3DMark 2001 SE Dies into debugger while running benchmarks

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Wed Nov 23 17:50:20 CST 2005


------- Additional Comments From fenix at club-internet.fr  2005-23-11 17:50 -------
Point Sprite is not supported by wine    
(i haven't seen how to implement it but i haven't see games who use it)   
so wine reports "no support" in d3dcaps :)   
For pshader, wine support it. 
Anyway it reports "no support" in d3dcaps if your hw (graphic card)  
don't support it (as d3d do).  
Seems you card (or driver) don't support it :)(see in glxinfo if you have  
GL_ARB_fragment_program extension)   
for format (20,D3DFMT_R8G8B8)/(71,D3DFMT_D32) it should be supported  
can you put glxinfo output ?  

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