[Bug 3906] DInput related crash in Evil Genius

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Thu Nov 24 14:49:51 CST 2005


------- Additional Comments From lionel.ulmer at free.fr  2005-24-11 14:49 -------
0009:trace:dinput:IDirectInputDevice2AImpl_QueryInterface (this=0x5a1df318, 
0009:trace:dinput:IDirectInputDevice2AImpl_QueryInterface Unsupported  
interface ! 


So it's trying to get the interface to a Device8A object.

Could you try changing the dlls/dinput/device.c file in the function
'IDirectInputDevice2AImpl_QueryInterface' adding the part with the '+' in front:

    if (IsEqualGUID(&IID_IDirectInputDevice7A,riid)) {
	*ppobj = This;
	return DI_OK;
+    if (IsEqualGUID(&IID_IDirectInputDevice7A,riid)) {
+	IDirectInputDevice7_AddRef(iface);
+	*ppobj = This;
+	return DI_OK;
+    }
    TRACE("Unsupported interface !\n");
    return E_FAIL;

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