[Bug 3904] Difficulty to use wine within automated tools

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Fri Nov 25 08:25:35 CST 2005


------- Additional Comments From wine at wine.lka.org.lu  2005-25-11 08:25 -------
The Windows API (EnumWindows/EnumChildWindows/GetWindowText/GetWindowInfo 
calls) does indeed help to retrieve labels where they are available (various 
Yes/No dialogs, OK dialogs, etc.), which solves the major part of the problem, 
There are still a couple of exceptions where EnumWindows won't work, such as 
the Print dialogs in Word Viewer and Excel Viewer. For those I'll have to 
continue relying on tabbing order and/or keyboard shortcuts. Just lets hope 
that these won't change too often. Or is there another way to deal with this 
particular case, short of hardwiring the coordinates of the buttons of that 
box (... which would be just as vulnerable to change, if not more...) 

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