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------- Additional Comments From a at gaydenko.com  2005-01-10 14:14 -------

I'm happy, the issue message authors count is now more rather one :-)
Thank you!

OK, about reproduction. At first, I don't mean any wine penalty in comaprison
with win32 OS. I have single-booot PC (it is almost daily synced Gentoo ~x86).
Wine's versions are all I can compare. The issue doesn't depend on the target
app version.

1. Responsivity. 

Open any schematics file with '.tran' analysis taking, say, > 30 CPU sec. Start
simulation and try, for example, to add a voltage probe, resize the schematics
window or resize a plot window. All UI operations lag in their response with
~0.3-1.0 sec delay (nevertheless, it seems like all UI events queued and are not
lost). With "good" 2004101 version all mentioned operations are fulfiled
immediately, without any noticable delay, like all "normal" X app.

I'm not C/C++ developer (java is in use). From this my point of view, it may be
something like simple threads priorities typo.

2. Windowing glitches part. It's more-more annoing :-( 

Just open any window (a schematics for example), de-maximize it (if it was
maximized), drag bootom right corner of this (MDI child) window to the bottom
right corner of the parent (main the app) window. After releasing mouse button
you will see both horisontal and vertical scrollbars have appeared, resized
window is partly under these scrollbars now. 

This is the problem.

Moreover, mouse cursor is boundered as it would be _without_ these scrollbars. I
have found the way to hide the scrollbars: just close all child windows :-)

A common work with the target app includes using of a hierarchy of schematics,
plot/FFT windows and so on. In one word, it is rather intensive work with
multiple child windows. Try to work with some serious schematics with such UI
glitches - you will forget about the schematics shortly, struggling with child

Again, probably some little _boundary_ error takes place in a calculating of
windows hierarchy metrics.

I have tried to explain my problems as well as my ugly English permits me. 
I'm ready to try patches.

With hope,

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