[Bug 2863] Lotus Notes file operations problem

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Mon Oct 3 15:06:45 CDT 2005


------- Additional Comments From kdekorte at yahoo.com  2005-03-10 15:06 -------
Ok, I spent about 5 hours doing regression testing and I found the CVS commit
that crashes Lotus Notes 6.51 


Yup, all it does is change the default version, but if I pull this patch out
Notes runs fine

Regression test

Date                 result
2005-07-25           save attachment ok
2005-08-01           save attachment ok
2005-08-08           save attachment ok
2005-08-15           save attachment ok
2005-08-22           save attachment crashes
2005-08-19           save attachment crashes
2005-08-17           save attachment crashes
2005-08-16           save attachment crashes
2005-08-15 12:00 CDT save attachment crashes
2005-08-15  5:00 CDT save attachment ok
2005-08-15  5:30 CDT save attachment ok
2005-08-15  9:50 CDT save attachment ok
2005-08-15  9:51 CDT save attachment ok
2005-08-15  9:53 CDT save attachment crashes

What is funny about this patch is not only does Notes crash, but the fonts on
the screen change their look. So something else is going on here, but I just
don't have anymore time to trace it down.

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