[Bug 2093] Installing Microsoft Word disturbs winecfg 'about' window

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Wed Oct 5 15:37:08 CDT 2005


------- Additional Comments From h_jessen at hotmail.com  2005-05-10 15:37 -------
On request I tried the same installation again. I haven't used wine (or even 
Linux) for a long time so this test is on a fresh Ubuntu 5.04 and Wine20050705 
which is the latest I could find packaged for Ubuntu/Debian.

I see two issues:
(1) The wine "standard font" apparently still gets changed to a smaller one 
after I install and run Word97. However it is not a real problem anymore since 
it doesn't break the window layouts (e.g., the text doesn't flow under the 
picture on the winecfg About page, as was my original problem).

(2) I don't know if this should be in the same bug report, but after Word is 
installed and has been launched, my left and right mouse buttons appear to be 
Again this applies to Word itself but the same thing now happens with other Wine 
programs like winecfg or winemine. My ordinary Linux desktop and appliations 
work normally.

Since I'm only a casual user of Wine I have not tried to change any settings 
(such as DLL overrides) away from their default values.

Do you need further test or information?

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