[Bug 3290] Dungeon Siege 2 demo crashes on startup

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Fri Oct 7 21:50:59 CDT 2005


------- Additional Comments From ivg2 at cornell.edu  2005-07-10 21:50 -------

Downloading d3dx9 from Microsoft requires passing a version check of the OS. I
don't have Microsoft Windows installed - even if downloaded successfully, the
SDK installer will fail, so I am having trouble obtaining that dll to run the
test you suggested.

However, I've done some more testing, and discovered that the crash occurs here:

>   /*  Create the hw shader */
>     /* TODO: change to resource.glObjectHandel or something like that */
>   GL_EXTCALL(glGenProgramsARB(1, &This->prgId));

in this function:
IWineD3DVertexShaderImpl_GenerateProgramArbHW(IWineD3DVertexShader *iface, CONST
DWORD* pFunction) 

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