[Bug 3093] Upload in Editplus gets stuck on 100%

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Mon Oct 24 12:55:18 CDT 2005


------- Additional Comments From giluxxx at hotmail.com  2005-24-10 12:55 -------
i've also seen this bug on fc3.
strange you don't seem to suffer from it.

i'm actually looking at it right now on ubuntu 5.10 with Wine 20050725 and ep
v2.20 :(

the problem is that the bug doesnt minifest itself every time.. it seems random
but a file of lets say 10KB or bigger usually does the trick. (setting passive
mode or not doesn't seem to matter.)

there is one thing i noticed,
in the past this bug made edit plus hang but now you still can press the cancel
button and precisely after 10 seconds edit plus tells me "Cancelled by user".
after that every thing seems fine again but edit plus thinks it didn't upload
the file, although it did.

so it always uploads the file intact and then hangs so something is going wrong
communicating with the ftp server which is in this case proftp.

my guess is that editplus/wine (i have no clue how wine handles/translates this
internally) fails to send the FIN after upload or fails to receive the ftp
servers returning ACK...

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