[Bug 2725] OpenGL reinit problems

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------- Additional Comments From zarquon at t-online.de  2005-25-10 15:25 -------
I checked again with 20050930 and the problem is still there in unmodified form.
As soon as the game tries to reinit its video subsystem, it fails.
Regarding more information: please let me know what you need. All I can tell you
is when and how it fails, the actual messages of the game (or the debug output I
tried so far) don't give any more clues either. I tried WINEDEBUG=+opengl, which
created 28MB of output file, but the end of that log isn't exactly enlightening:

trace:opengl:wglMakeCurrent ((nil),(nil))
trace:opengl:wglMakeCurrent  returning True
trace:opengl:wglDeleteContext (0x40369138)

If you can tell me what debug output to post, I'll do it pronto.
BTW, I just noticed that BUG#3099 also applies to SoF2. I really hope this can
be sorted out soon (maybe it's just lack of documentation).

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