[Bug 1008] SETUPX_CreateStandardLDDs unimplemented

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Sun Sep 4 14:57:38 CDT 2005


------- Additional Comments From lxtanner at yahoo.co.uk  2005-04-09 14:57 -------
I can tell you that the LDID_SRCPATH is something that installers temporarily
change when looking for INF files. It refers to the contents of the registry key
'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\SourcePath'. This
key is a REG_SZ that is supposed to store the directory that Windows was
originally installed from, but most people use it to cache the location of INF
files (in Windows, when looking for INF files used to install drivers, the value
of this key is at the top of the drop-down list of places to search when you
enter a custom location to look for drivers). This key should contain a path to
use when searching for INF files (e.g. if the contents of the key are
"C:\\WINDOWS\\INF\\OTHER"), then any INF file processed (by
SETUPAPI.InstallHinfSection[A/W] or ADVPACK.LaunchINFSection[Ex]) will be
searched for first in "C:\WINDOWS\INF\OTHER", then in other SETUPX
StandardLDDs). Note that the existence of INF search paths in the registry means
INF files can be called with the directory name stripped off, as long as they
exist in one of SetupX's search paths.

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