[Bug 3773] RenderMonkey doesn't work very well in wine.

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Thu Apr 13 15:58:16 CDT 2006


------- Additional Comments From philip at digitalinfinity.biz  2006-13-04 15:58 -------
Oh that was in the other bug that I had filed on this bug by mistake. The one
that I closed. But I'll post it again. 

I'll post it again. 

I have an Athelon 64 using the 32 bit version of Fedora. (I know I know. I
should really use the 64bit version. But the 64bit version didn't install for
some strange reason. I'll try it again later. sometime). 

I've got an nVidia Geforce 6200 video card made by Asus. The EXTREME N6200TC
With TurboCache.  

64MB on card. But can support up to 256MB of memory if you look at the system
memory it uses. Its a PCI EXPRESS card. 

Version of the driver I'm currently using. I've just upgraded to Linux Driver
number x86-1.0-8756 

A8N-E No SLI on the motherboard. 

Hope this helps. 

Previous drivers had a similar issue. But its only since I installed the new
driver that I got the HAL issue. 

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