[Bug 5856] wineconsole window sizing, scrolling, cursor setting, text input and signal handling failures

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Fri Aug 4 02:07:41 CDT 2006


------- Additional Comments From ekkehard.morgenstern at onlinehome.de  2006-04-08 02:07 -------
The Windows console has at least two areas, one with fixed size defined by the
user (or program), called "screen buffer" and one defined by the current window
size (called "window"). An application can create additional screen buffers and
switch between them. The current screen buffer dimensions, current window
position and size within the screen buffer should be determined by the terminal
hosting wineconsole. The screen buffer size and desired window size must be
settable parameters to wineconsole (otherwise, you can't say wineconsole is
compatible to Windows consoles) (BTW, a manpage for wineconsole is a must! What
can it do and what can't it do?). Cursor positioning and scrolling must work
perfectly, otherwise the whole thing can't be used. The main application is to
run the command prompt, which is "wcmd" for Wine. (Why not provide a built-in
"cmd.exe" that automatically spawns wineconsole wcmd when I type "wine cmd ..."?
Also, a Windows application can call AllocConsole() at any time to open a
console window, and it can also spawn processes with "cmd x" to run commands.
Probably not only to me, a major compatibility issue.

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