[Bug 5856] wineconsole window sizing, scrolling, cursor setting, text input and signal handling failures

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Sat Aug 5 20:58:45 CDT 2006


------- Additional Comments From ekkehard.morgenstern at onlinehome.de  2006-05-08 20:58 -------
In the user part, the properties dialog and the screen handler need some
improvements. I'm apt with implementing consoles and terminals, so I might play
around with it a little. For example, RGB sliders would be cool, a preview
option, and much more.

Also, WCMD could be extended. Since Microsoft changed the commands and added new
ones in every Windows release, few people used them all, and there's plenty of
commands left to be implemented and/or extended. Plus, with WCMD, there's a new
possibility to add plenty of new commands that Microsoft didn't think of yet.
For example, some 2D graphics commands would be nice, sprites, user-defined
fonts and stuff; those would require the user backend, of course... ;-)

I'm not sure whether the command line options of WCMD commands can be
implemented as Microsoft's, for legal reasons; if necessary, they could be named
differently or behave differently. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to see the
command line options for any WCMD command, because "copy /?", "move /?" etc.
crashed on my box, for instance.

I will have more looks at the code and provide patches, and possible extensions
here, for now, until I've read about how to contribute properly. 

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